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Welcome to Rising Phoenix Tang Soo Do & MFR Therapy!

Recognizing that each individual's goals and journey are unique, we encourage students and clients to strive each day to be their best selves and support them in their journey. Experience it for yourself today!

MFR Therapy and Wellness Classes

Find joy in each moment and revel in the beauty of your true self!

Are you usually active but not performing at your optimum level? Are you ready to feel and move better?

You will love the attention to tight areas as the stretch or gentle sustained pressure your therapist applies aids your body in relaxing and softening. Reduce the strain and restrictions from repetitive patterns, injury, inflammation, and stress and feel more present and engaged in your life.

Book a session or class and begin feeling and moving better!

Watch for availability in the Lehigh Valley soon!

Tang Soo Do Classes

Youth and adults are prepared to face daily challenges with confidence, focus, and a positive outlook through participation in our martial arts classes. Respect for oneself and others, accountability for one’s words and actions, and integrity are key character traits reinforced in training.

We are members of the World Tang Soo Do Association.

Watch for seminars and special class opportunities!

Our Stroudsburg location is closed. If you are interested in regular group classes, visit the WTSDA Find a Studio page for local Tang Soo Do schools